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Butte MT

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Make It Happen 3.0

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Butte is a community with a lot of pride and a deep commitment to the towns history. Neighbors take care of each other and are invested in the success of the community as a whole. Butte families and businesses team up to support each other. The saying "when the tide rises, it raises all ships" has become a motto for many local entrepreneurs and investors. Collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship, are three things that Butte has become more focused on and as such we are seeing growth in many small businesses as well as start-ups. I am proud to be a third generation Butte, Montana native and am excited to see what the future holds for this community.

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Julie is the Regional Director of the Small Business Development Center for Headwaters RC&D in Butte Montana. In her current position she helps businesses with business planning, marketing, financials, strategic planning, and growth strategies. The mission of her office is to build, sustain and promote small business and enhance the local economy through job and business creation. She has over 16 years in the banking industry working at both Wells Fargo and First Montana Bank before joining Headwaters in 2009. In 2013 she completed the National Development Council Economic Development Finance Professional program and earned certification. In addition she is a trained facilitator for Edward Lowe Peersepective Progam and Profit Mastery, a financial education program for small business owners. Julie also volunteers her time serving on numerous public and private boards. She is currently attending Montana Tech, working towards completing her BA in business management. Julie and her husband Steve have 3 amazing children, Seth, Hailey and Kenzie. Julie and her family like to spend their weekends traveling for soccer games, as well as skiing, camping, rafting, fishing and hiking.



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