Laramie, WY

What is your Community?

Laramie WY

What do you like best about your Community?

I love the energy of Laramie. From the collaborative efforts made between businesses and organizations to the artists' dedication to keeping the city beautiful. I love that I can seek peace in the close lying mountains, or celebrate this energy by strolling the markets, dancing in the streets or enjoying a drink with friends Downtown. As a town of many educational institutions, Laramie serves as the background to so many exciting moments in the lives of young students, couples and new families. Because of this, the community never grows stagnant, but is always buzzing with something new.

Tell us about yourself — please enter a short biographical sketch

I am a former Downtown Laramie small business owner turned volunteer + marketer. I work with Laramie Main Street Alliance on social media marketing, design and events, as well as with other small businesses on creating and maintaining their unique image. My background is in Communication and Journalism, Cultural Anthropology and Baking and Pastry (there's the curveball for you!). Ultimately, my passion is storytelling. My work in Laramie serves as an opportunity for me to tell the stories of our community, craft memorable opportunities and events and to leave a mark in the memory books of the transient and local population of our town.



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