Laramie, WY

What is your Community?

Laramie WY

What brings you to The Local Crowd?

I am creating a crowdfunding campaign

What is your role on the Demonstration Site team?


What class are you taking?

Make it Happen! 4.0

What do you like best about your Community?

Laramie is such a hardworking community that loves the history and the projects that happen within the town. I have met so many people who have their own businesses and organizations who have done so much good because the people of Laramie care.

Tell us about yourself — please enter a short biographical sketch

I graduated from the University of Wyoming last year with my Bachelors in History. I currently work at the Albany County Public Library and the Alliance for Historic Wyoming, which is a statewide historic preservation nonprofit, as a Preservation Programs Assistant. I love Historic Preservation and I love my community!



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