Chico, CA

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Curator and Campaign Advisor

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Make it Happen! 4.0

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3CORE serves the rural 3 northern California counties of Butte, Tehama and Glenn. As a "Community" our goal is to build a sustainable investment platform that allows our communities new ways to engage people and organizations, empowering them to create wealth, community strength and resiliency.

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Patty Hess – Assistant Director and Chief Lending Officer. I have over 19 years’ experience in underwriting and managing commercial loan portfolios. I am primarily responsible for marketing and deploying loans in conformance with loan policies, oversight of loan portfolio performance, and reporting to the Board of Directors and the Loan Administration Board and funders/investors. My experience includes providing small business development assistance and in developing/implementing economic development programs for local government agencies. I provide one-on-one technical assistance, including post-closing and develop TA plans tailored to individual borrower needs.


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