Laramie, WY

What is your Community?

Laramie WY

What brings you to The Local Crowd?

I am creating a crowdfunding campaign

What is your role on the Demonstration Site team?

I'm my whole team at this point, so guess I AM the demo site team

What class are you taking?


What do you like best about your Community?

Laramie and the surrounding area is a very artistically dynamic one, and somewhat supportive of the many very good artists in the area. And having UW here provides a resource that is unavailable in the rest of Wyoming, and since Laramie is such a small city compared with large college towns to our south, it is so much more of an immediately available resource than city residents can experience in Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver and Co Springs.

Tell us about yourself — please enter a short biographical sketch

Photography has been my life and my vocation, my love and my joy for the past 40 years. I began my career, shooting commercial photography in Denver, and have made my home in Laramie for the past 22 years. I'm a 3 generation Colorado born native, so I have pretty deep roots in the American Inner Mountain West (compared with 95% of non-Indian people who live here). I believe this 3-generational knowledge of this region helps me "know" the environment that I've intently documented while in Laramie. I've succeeded in gaining stat-wide recognition as one of Wyomings leading photographers and am embarking on a large photographic & informational project to document the remnant descendants of the Spanish Conquistador's Spanish Mustangs. These magical horses and their unique gene pool that reaches back to the 1400's when the Spanish army bred a small, primitive wild horse from western Spain with two or three horse types from Northern Africa to create what was the most formidable war horse in Europe. (I'll have to finish and edit this later).



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